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fucking goof bans me for 24hrs for shooting a rober vihicle and i was a cop lol lick my sour asshole. lol as he is trying to get me to be an admin lol i feel bad for what this guy is going thu he has more mental problems then i fucking do anyways what was the point of banning me without a warning for 24hrs when their is 32000 servers on gmod that are 100+ better then


and with that i have probably played longer then any modterator on this server and i was playing when the first server came out and still stuck with it. this is total player herassment and let me say one more thing not only are their 32000 more better servers then this, i'm a guy that didn't care about those 32000 other servers and stuck with this one and got fucking herassed by a bunch of fail fucking moderators like 100 because i can tell you right now that i would be a 500times better fucking moderator then all ya all
your grammar is worse than your mental retardation
I thought you said you had a learning disability that made you unable to fill out a staff app? What happened? Video evidence to follow. Btw, you were warned.
How can you make a forum account and post but not be able to make a staff app?

Also, if there's servers you like more than this one (especially 32,000), you're more than welcome to leave.
We'll be fine without you.
Sounds like more than just your asshole is sour.
sorry sir we will improve server based on your suggestion 

i will also get a life based on your suggestion thank you sir have good day
Even though I didn't have to, I felt it was necessary. Enjoy this video.
I would say that a longer ban is deserved here, but that's just me. Based on my interactions with this kid and this video I can say that he is a definite troll who really likes calling people "Niggers".
Yeah after looking at the video and taking his ban history (and this forum post) into consideration I've extended his ban to be permanent
Abstinence Kids! Look what can happen if you don't comply! People like this can exist! ;D
[Image: ban_hammer.jpg?1257015625]

Self explanatory, thread closed.