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Full Version: Switched from Cops to Robbers, Still had tazer and handcuffs.
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Issue encountered: This isn't really a game breaking issue, But I still think it is worthy to bring up. I was on the cops side, then I switched to robbers and I ended up still having the Tazer and Handcuffs.

How to reproduce: Switching from Cops to Robbers? I am not exactly sure how to reproduce this.
How often does this happen?
I never noticed before, but it did happen tonight. I just figured I would bring it to your attention so that you are aware of this. (Also this is to cover my bottom in case there is a player report against me as I did have one person call me a hacker for this happening).
Yea I would just like to add I was going to bring this up t. Sometimes when you swap teams you end up with two guns e.g your on the cops team you buy the AR but when you join robbers I still have the AR and the AK.
Yesterday I pulled C3 Liquor over to Tide a donator or normal player and tide had a taser and handcuffs as a robber i picked him up and dropped him to death and when he re-spawned they were gone
I have had this happen to me to. It just seems to happen every once and a while
The easiest way to reproduce this for me is to be on cops, get knocked out, and then switch to robbers before getting back up.
Ah I know what the issue is then, thank you
This is still happening, btw. Switched from cops to robbers, got knocked out, then had previous loadout including an AR15 and taser/handcuffs.