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Full Version: Error fix's
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OK so this is the first time I have seen Paralake without errors and shit so the video I have used to help me is this on 

The post that Iron Dragon posted a very long time ago did not work for me so now we can use this one for the people that are always asking "Why cant I see textures" or whatever we can show this to them.
I have absolutely no idea how anyone can play with those. I have not had any at all, not even on rockford.
I feel you but I get on quite often and finally got it fixed
Ya, I have no purple what so ever. Idk how Ryan plays because I have seen already that everything in his game is like purpleland. Like Barney took a big dump everywhere.
That was me until yesterday
I got the link from daddy thats supposed to fix it. I haven't had any purple in a long time now. I do get it every once and a while from the smoke of a car after it's on fire but not always.