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Full Version: Switch to Rockford?
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Shall we change things up and make Rockford the primary map and Paralake the secondary map?
Yes, Rockford indeed!
as long as lag stays manageable, I'M FUCKING DOWN.
We've needed something new for a while now. Like Liquor said, as long as the lag isn't bad. But I've also had terrible luck connecting to the secondary server.
Hell yeah! I don’t give a flyin’ flip flop about lag, I just want rockford back!!
Now here comes the guy who original suggested the change to Paralake.

Before you bring out your boo me outta here, I will say that even though I wanted to change to Paralake, I would definitely want to go back to Rockford. I got to be honest, I do miss that map, and I was just getting tired of Paralake.

I just don't miss that 12FPS.
If things actually change up and people come back, I may join back. May.
no no its July not May
(07-13-2018, 12:05 AM)Patientdeath1 Wrote: [ -> ]no no its July not May

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