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Full Version: The End of an Era, the Beginning of Another
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Cops 'n Robbers started development early November 2015. It started as a gamemode I wanted to play with my friends.

I then opened the server to everyone to get more people to test and suddenly people started flooding in. I decided to create a website and a proper name and thus Code 3 was born. The official opening date of the community was January 10th 2016. 3 years later, our game servers will shut down January 10th 2019. 

The gamemode was my first major project. As of right now, it has just shy of 11,000 lines of code. It suffered from quite a few design flaws on my part. Scope creep played a major part of that. The fact that I wasn't great a Lua at the start as player a big part. Code became hard to maintain as legacy files had to be overhauled to be more efficient, secure and readable.

We have had just shy of 72,000 unique players come on our servers.
In the past year or so (when we started tracking stats in 2017), $35,899,135 has been robbed from stores and $10,936,915 has been robbed from warehouses. 10,461 people spent 253 hours in prison. All players playing in that time frame have a combined playtime of about 5 years. 

Our 80+ team of staff members have made 7,589 bans. 262 people have made 230 staff applications (that number is not backwards - some were too young). 

Many people have told me wonderful things about the gamemode and it means a lot to me and is very humbling.
I want to thank everyone who played for giving me a wonderful experience. I want to especially thank our staff for helping keep the servers clean - that means a lot. I also of course want to thank all of our donors who made our 3 years possible in the first place. Without you, this could not have happened as long as it did.

That said, this will not be the end of Code 3. I will keep our website up as well as the Discord.

For those who have not heard, I am also officially announcing our development of a standalone game based on Cops 'n Robbers. A lot is still TBD. I hope to have some decent preview screenshots this December. The game will be low-poly - similar in style to Ylands. This is to make the project actually feasible with my budget and skillset.

All staff (who were not demoted for abuse or other significant things) will get a free copy.
All lifetime donors will get a free copy.
Anyone who was donated will get a coupon when the game comes out.
Anyone who has played at all will also get a coupon - less off than the donor coupon.

I don't want to give too many details as I'm very early in development so many things can change. The goal of the game is to achieve what I could not in the Garry's Mod gamemode due to Source limitations and scope creep.

Tentatively, these gamemodes will be in the game:

VIP Escort - One team has a VIP, the other team has to take the VIP out
Safehouse raid - an inversion of most other gamemodes, the criminals are on the defensive as cops raid a safe house
Heist - Basically what the gamemode is now, but in a smaller, more detailed area

There could be more, but I want to perfect the ideas more before putting info out.
It’s been a blast. Never forget the originals. Goigle, Dan, Nickname, Sourlemon, Xynox, and Hungames. Y’all are my brothers. Love y’all
Awe shucks guess I really am another perma admin. Its been fun.
Alright everyone, signing out.
(11-05-2018, 03:29 PM)Patientdeath1 Wrote: [ -> ]Awe shucks guess I really am another perma admin. Its been fun.

Ain't nothing wrong that, senior staff is intentionally small. That applies to more than you too: just because someone wasn't promoted past admin does not mean they were not an amazing admin. Too many senior staff complicates things
Ive not been here long, but thanks for all the fun and for let me be a Staff on that wonderfull server <3
it has been fun playing and meeting with all of you. along with working my way up through the ranks.
its been a blast, my dudes. thanks for having me
I started playing Code 3 back I believe in February 2016, when I first got GMOD. This was one of the few servers I joined, and really the only server I played on. I thought I would enjoy role playing servers, but I realized quickly that RP wasn't for me. Code 3 was the perfect server for me. I even applied to become a test mod, and really I didn't want to be a staff member, but in the end I got accepted! I have been very grateful for the people I have played with, and worked with these years, although it hasn't always been smooth-sailing.

We've had times where people joining the server was lacking, but this was the biggest hit I've seen. Its probably due to the incredible amount of games being released with the end of 2018. We were packed one day, and lost almost everyone over night. I really can say I was not expecting this to happen so fast.

Its very hard to see Code 3 GMOD go, but I have definitely come to terms with it. With the very fast changing times, I have let go of a lot of games, like Watch_Dogs, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V, and it looks now that GMOD will be the next one to go. I really only played GMOD to play on Code 3, so with Code 3 shutting down, its time for me to let go once again.

We should all join the server on the last date to celebrate what we all achieved. I know that I would love to get the moments before it shuts down, because I can make a final part 4 to my video series. I still have many hilarious clips that I still haven't edited together because I am a lazy ass.

This isn't my final send off though. I will still be around, lurking in the background...
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