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ID Name SteamID profile Reason Date banned Date lifted Banned by
28774Invalid UserSTEAM_0:0:56032152Steam Profile linkCheating9/16/2019 8:03 PMNeverConsole
28773BackflareSTEAM_0:1:51994768Steam Profile linkCheating9/16/2019 8:03 PMNeverConsole
28772ligma cheeksSTEAM_0:0:104897587Steam Profile linkAttempting to bypass a current/existing ban. Main Acct: STEAM_0:0:1048975878/22/2019 10:01 PMNeverConsole
28771Invalid UserSTEAM_0:0:455808568Steam Profile linkAttempting to bypass a current/existing ban. Main Acct: STEAM_0:0:1048975878/22/2019 10:01 PMNeverConsole
28770|YRN| Bl!cky/MikvikSTEAM_0:1:96290721Steam Profile linkshooting teammate's car (with malicous intent)8/18/2019 5:10 PM8/18/2019 7:10 PM[C3]The_Liquor
28768???????STEAM_0:1:467355240Steam Profile linkCheating8/8/2019 11:13 AMNeverConsole
28767kayfarm2014STEAM_0:0:110844129Steam Profile linkShooting vehicles w/o reason8/7/2019 3:47 PM8/8/2019 3:47 AM[C3] ? D?DDY
28766Asleep_at_the_WheelSTEAM_0:1:64404183Steam Profile linkShooting in spawn, DC in sit8/7/2019 3:22 PM8/9/2019 3:22 PM[C3] ? D?DDY
28764FuzzyShooterSTEAM_0:0:217688675Steam Profile linkShooting vehicle w/o reason, LTAP8/5/2019 9:12 PM8/6/2019 9:12 AM[C3] ? D?DDY
28763SomebodySTEAM_0:1:103646299Steam Profile linkCheating8/5/2019 5:07 PMNeverConsole
28761RedOrion800STEAM_0:1:158670563Steam Profile linkCheating6/26/2019 1:39 PMNeverConsole
28760GreenFlashSTEAM_0:1:157609340Steam Profile linkCheating6/26/2019 1:39 PMNeverConsole
28759richp90xxxSTEAM_0:0:177363537Steam Profile linkCheating6/26/2019 1:39 PMNeverConsole
28758Smaug553STEAM_0:1:124920557Steam Profile linkCheating6/21/2019 6:13 PMNeverConsole
28757NintendoGaming2019STEAM_0:1:451150244Steam Profile linkDisconnecting to avoid Punishment6/21/2019 4:17 PM6/22/2019 4:17 PM[C3:M] Spruce Willis
28756?Walid?STEAM_0:1:65729243Steam Profile linkDisconnect to avoid punishment6/21/2019 4:09 PM6/22/2019 4:09 PM[C3:M] Spruce Willis
28755PcomanSTEAM_0:0:69048842Steam Profile linkspawnkill, blocking robbers spawn with vehicle 6/21/2019 1:27 AM6/21/2019 4:27 AM[C3] Patientdeath
28754suikomuSTEAM_0:1:161022560Steam Profile linkCheating6/13/2019 8:12 PMNeverConsole
28753[C3:M] ScorpionSTEAM_0:1:157937317Steam Profile linkreason6/13/2019 5:00 PM6/13/2019 5:01 PM[C3:M] Master Shake
28751Saw Off Ur LegsSTEAM_0:1:19557608Steam Profile linkShooting team mate cars and killing team mates repeativly6/13/2019 4:06 PM6/13/2019 4:07 PM[C3:M] Scorpion
28749SBurmasSSTEAM_0:1:50196910Steam Profile linkCheating6/3/2019 3:18 PMNeverConsole
28748gregoryspiegelSTEAM_0:1:217800727Steam Profile linkshooting teammate's car, lying to admin, dc during sit.5/18/2019 6:30 PM5/25/2019 6:30 PM[C3]The_Liquor
28747[GER] [MG] Flash08YTSTEAM_0:0:208822575Steam Profile linkshooting teammate's cars, warned5/4/2019 3:29 PM5/4/2019 9:29 PM[C3]The_Liquor
28745little_king_0009STEAM_0:1:462096862Steam Profile linkDisconnecting To Avoid Punishment - Handcuffing in @ sit - Being Disrespectful in @ sit 5/4/2019 2:02 PM5/5/2019 2:02 AM[C3:TM] Spruce Willis
28744Xx$h00t3RxXSTEAM_0:1:158355347Steam Profile linkCheating5/4/2019 11:12 AMNeverConsole
28743[C3:M] HerbieSTEAM_0:0:129913064Steam Profile linkUnban me now5/3/2019 8:36 PM5/4/2019 8:36 PM[C3:M] Herbie
28742R.I.P TupacSTEAM_0:1:74320047Steam Profile linkAttempting to bypass a current/existing ban. Main Acct: STEAM_0:1:743200474/30/2019 8:00 PMNeverConsole
28741Invalid UserSTEAM_0:0:500570142Steam Profile linkAttempting to bypass a current/existing ban. Main Acct: STEAM_0:1:743200474/30/2019 8:00 PMNeverConsole
28740ThomasSTEAM_0:0:79712433Steam Profile linkmonths spawnning bots4/30/2019 2:43 AM4/30/2019 2:49 AM[C3:M] WreckEM
28739AlfSTEAM_0:0:96168122Steam Profile linkshoting team mates cars and dc in sit4/28/2019 7:46 PM4/29/2019 7:46 PM[C3:M] Herbie
28738TmtaSTEAM_0:0:75782115Steam Profile linkRunning Over Police With No Mask or Wanted Level - Disrespect in Sit - Attempting to Shoot From Sit4/26/2019 6:23 PM4/26/2019 7:23 PM[C3:TM] Spruce Willis
28737Robo ThugSTEAM_0:0:461160127Steam Profile linkShooting at an @ sit - Warned by me already before4/22/2019 1:19 PM4/22/2019 1:29 PM[C3:TM] Spruce Willis
28736Weeabo(not) SpySTEAM_0:0:420824207Steam Profile linkKilling Teammates - Lying in @ sit 4/22/2019 12:52 PM4/22/2019 2:52 PM[C3:TM] Spruce Willis
28735hiiiSTEAM_0:1:103245512Steam Profile linkPROBATION: You've been banned for 2 years. We are letting you back on the condition that you don't break the rules.4/21/2019 5:01 PM4/21/2019 5:02 PM[C3] Goigle
28733Invalid UserSTEAM_0:0:498746194Steam Profile linkAttempting to bypass a current/existing ban. Main Acct: STEAM_0:1:1032455124/20/2019 7:10 PMNeverConsole
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