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ID Name SteamID profile Reason Date banned Date lifted Banned by
28914PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkUnban1/15/2021 7:28 PM1/15/2021 7:29 PM[C3] SgtMaexx
28129PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkdiscriminatory party name; lying3/31/2018 8:34 AM4/3/2018 8:34 AM[C3] Goigle
24548xXx_car_sh00ter_xXxSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkMass spawnkilling (original by ChainGang)11/26/2017 8:02 PM2/24/2018 8:02 PM[C3] Goigle
24398PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkCDM, shooting car for no reason (original by OnTheChainGang, extended by Goigle) 10/14/2017 9:25 PM10/28/2017 9:25 PM[C3] Goigle
24395PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkcdm10/14/2017 1:19 PM10/14/2017 6:19 PM[C3:TM] OB1athome
24348PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkcdm9/27/2017 2:32 PM9/28/2017 2:32 PM[C3:M] Patientdeath
24321club penguin drug dealerSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linktasing and handcuffing and aressting in spawn9/19/2017 1:44 PM9/20/2017 7:44 AM[C3:M] Patientdeath
24304club penguin drug dealerSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkdouble accounting need extended to perma(Peekachi 2nd account) disregard peekachi was trolling me9/9/2017 10:10 AM9/9/2017 10:15 AM[C3:M] Patientdeath
24278PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkRunning people without reason 3 consecutive times so they could not move, "ban me please"8/31/2017 3:56 PM9/7/2017 3:56 PM[C3] Goigle
24192PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkRunning Over Teammmates | Not here to play the game properly8/14/2017 5:57 PM8/16/2017 5:57 PM[C3] iFr0st
23049PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkclaiming to have cdmed people with my car7/23/2017 1:11 PM7/23/2017 8:11 PM[C3:TM] Patientdeath
23041PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkshooting cars for no reason7/22/2017 5:30 PM7/22/2017 10:30 PM[C3:TM] Patientdeath
23004PeekaChiSTEAM_0:0:46064835Steam Profile linkshooting teamates cars, switching teams during admin sit7/20/2017 1:35 PM7/20/2017 6:35 PM[C3:TM] Patientdeath
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