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Title: Enabling your radio!
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What might seem as a tedious task is really quite simple, and I'll be explaining it in this thread!

Now the first thing you'll want to do is find a key that isn't you haven't binded to a function yet (The numpad key's are great for this reason if you have them, the only issue is for them it isn't as easy as pressing them as they have names like KP_MINUS or KP_PLUS) and once you've done that you can proceed to the next steps.

1. Enabling your Developer Console
If you have done so already, feel free to skip to the next step, but if you haven't already, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! First off you'll want to go to your options
Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced -> Enabled Developer Console
[Image: MzzHr6n.png]

2. Open up your console
Once you've enabled your console, just press the little "~" on the top left of your keyboard (Under your ESC Key) and it should open up the console, and it will look like this.
[Image: dLLgLhf.png]

3. Binding the Key
Once you've followed the last two steps, figure out the key you want to bind, simply replace "P" and set it to what you would like. [I'm binding my radio to P] (If you want to bind a numpad key, I've added them at the bottom of the thread containing the names of the keys for keybinds)
[Image: IdoN9U7.png]

Then you hit submit!

Hopefully this helped you out, if it did feel free to like the post Smile

[Numpad Keybinds - Credit to Reflax & i3D.net]
0 = KP_INS
1 = KP_END
5 = KP_5
. (del) = KP_DEL
Enter = KP_ENTER
* = *
[Image: 0EiygsH.png]
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