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Title: Kittyfox. TM Admin Abuse.
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Name of admin: kittyfox
Date and time (with timezone): July 28th, 2016. Time is recorded in timestamps. 
Act of abuse: Brought me in the middle of my own sit. I went back to do my thing, and decided to go to kitty. He was in the middle of a rob, while phased. I checked the logs, he robbed two stores within the margin of the time he was phased. Reports from "the golden jet" said he was phased in prison and unphased to kill. Mr. Saber said it was not his first time. Quote "Don't fuck me up" "You have no proof" after confrontation. 
Proof: http://steamcommunity.com/id/luivader/screenshots/

Under review
[Image: w7LUVd3.png]

I appreciate it.

Two new screenshots uploaded from today, Friday. Instances of abuse yet again; phased while moving to stores, unphased during rob. 19 second transition in phase, 1 sec after unphase store was being robbed. Reference around 12:51:XX to 12:52:XX

Fake* it was a set up bender jack told me it was and lui set it up

so luivader is the one who just wants me to get demoted i did it once learned my lesson and didn't do it again then one time when i phasing after a sit i forgot to take it off right when i got into the store i was going to rob, then i joined the server another day and when i got back from being afk luivader was there with all the other police and i was in jail and luivader told me that i phased threw stores running away from the cops and stuff saying i abused but then i when i looked at [C3:TM] Bender Jacks PM message it said "Get ready its a set up" then i left the game because i didn't want to be framed for abuse that luivader planned to happen.

Excuse me? A set up? How and what did I even set up? I "set up" the logs? I "set up" seeing you phase into and robbing cinema? I "set up" you escaping your prison sentence to taco bell? I think its absolutely ridiculous that you say it is any sort of set up. I went to the jail to make sure you didn't leave your sentence like I thought you would. And guess what? You absolutely did. When you are in prison serving a 4 star sentence, I shouldn't end up at Taco Bell on the roof, should I? Framing would imply that you didn't do a thing wrong. But you and I both know that you did.

I don't see how the proof he provided could have been forged? It is direct logs and you stating not to tell anyone about what happened. Furthermore, when I was on yesterday, me and xynox caught you flying out of jail since you thought you were able to. You said since it is "admin matters" which were just you telling lui someone picked up a physgun, you could fly out of jail. You were arrested again after that and flew out. When xynox pulled you aside, you then went on to say that you hate lui which points towards this being evidence being true, not falsified.
[Image: qYu5Ti6.png]

hungames i get the screenshots read the messages
[Image: KuZSJol.jpg] 

Kitty's SteamID is STEAM_0:0:55623947
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]

Also, how does lui plan for you to abuse?
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]


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