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Title: Important: Server rules
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  • Do not run someone over unless they pose a threat to you or your teammates
    If you're going to run someone over, they need to have a mask on / wanted level / weapon out (if they are a robber) or they need to be attempting to arrest/chase/attack you or one of your teammates (if they are a cop).

  • Do not spawn kill or tase / arrest / handcuff players in their spawn. Do not spawn camp.
    You may not kill players of the other team in their spawn zone, even in self defense.  For cops, this is inside city hall (all 3 floors on Rockford) or the Police Station armory (Union City). Robber spawn is in the park fence on Rockford. Robbers cannot get spawn killed on Union ity as their spawns are all over the map.
    If someone is in their spawn and shooting at you then you still cannot shoot them.
    Spawn camping:
    You can attack players outside their spawn in general, but do not linger outside a spawn just to kill people. If you're getting chased and end up by spawn that's fine, if you stay there or start camping a spawn by shooting down from a roof that is not fine.

  • Do not use cheats or abuse glitches
    If you find a glitch, please report it! Not doing so and then abusing the glitch will lead to a long ban!

  • Do not teamkill

  • Do not steal teammate's cars
    You may use party member's vehicles.

  • Do not randomly shoot vehicles and blow them up, you must have a reason (such as preventing robbers from fleeing or cops from chasing)
    Basically, do not just shoot the other team's vehicles because they're driving by. Generally speaking, a robber may shoot a cop car with a cop in it if he has a wanted level. Cops may also shoot robbers vehicles if a robber in that vehicle has a mask / wanted level. If someone is trying to run you over you may shoot their car.
  • Do not avoid (including changing teams and disconnecting) admin situations.

  • Do not lie to admins.
    Lying to staff in admin situations can lead to harsher punishments

  • No porn/gore sprays.
    If it has nudity, do not spray it. Use common sense about gore.

  • Do not misuse admin chat
    Do not spam admin chat (if you're told to stop and keep going, that counts as spamming) and do not use @ chat to insult staff members.

  • Do not mic spam in the radio chat
    Radio chat is reserved to trying to communicate with teammates. Do not blow into your mic, scream or do anything of that nature to mess with your team.

  • Do not spam text chat (global, local, party)
    Make sure the chat is usable by others. Accidentally posting the same thing twice occasionally is OK, but do not post the same message (even if rephrased) more than once per 3 minutes.

  • Do not abuse the ability to tase unwanted robbers
    This function is to let you get past unwanted robbers that are blocking doors or other paths

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