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Title: Vote to kick
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(05-17-2017, 10:06 PM)Goigle Wrote: It's the best solution I've seen to solving the massive rulebreak sprees when staff aren't on. Players come here to play, why should we create a laundry list of rules for such a simple mechanic such as votekick (which has worked fine for decades on many games and servers)?

As for double standards, that's just silly. Staff are given power to enforce certain rules, not to kick players they do not like. Players should not be held to the same standards as staff (we don't train them, we don't whitelist them). Typically speaking, if the majority of players on the server want someone gone there is a good reason. I could see it as being double standards if they were allowed to votekick while you were on the server, but they wouldn't be able to.

We also have no idea if this would be abused. I have never seen votekicks in other games abused (maybe 1 false kick, but not repeated false kicks) so there is no way of saying a votekick on our server is guaranteed to be abused. People could join and kick whoever they like, but they would have to be 65% of the server and there would have to be no staff on (which would be very rare). I could also make it so there is a minimum player count (I would say 15) to prevent people from taking over the server when it is low population.

At the end of the day, I see most of these concerns as doomsaying. I think giving players this tool would greatly benefit them when there is a spawn camper and no staff on (which can be the majority of the day on some days) and while there is potential for abuse it would only be abused in rare cases. Even if it does get rampantly abused, it is literally a box we can tick on and off so there is no harm in trying it. If it becomes a problem then I could simply untick the box.
There is a reason why I look at things with a "doomsaying" len. As Murphy said "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." I always want to point out the faults so they can be addressed or talked about. I am all for giving the average player better control over the server when the staff aren't on, but I see the system either being abused or not being effective. If we lower the minimum requirement too much then it can be abused (to the point of kicking the players from the other team to gain an advantage), and if we raise it too high, then it won't be effective. The only kick system I am familiar with is in Rainbow Six Siege. It usually doesn't work out. Many players don't vote. That is only with just 4 people! Here is my example. When have 10 robbers, and 10 cops. If a cop is spawn killing, then we would expect that all 10 robbers would vote for it. However, what about the cops? They might not even be aware, or don't care. What if they were more robbers and cops, and some robbers spawned killed, and the other robbers weren't aware or wouldn't care. The system will work for only a small amount of cases, meaning even if it was applied, it would not help the big picture. If you want to try it out, go ahead, but I don't think it will be effective.
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We could do a week trial run
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I've seen this feature on many servers that have active community's and almost always there is a big group of friends who just kick everyone they don't like or whoever is better than them at the game so that they are the best in the server.

And if you do decide to add it despite this, it would defeat the whole purpose of the vote kick if it were to be limited to donators, since donators are already more likely to make a player report since they are more invested into the server, meanwhile regular players would rather just kick the player and continue playing the game.

I am very opposed to the implementation of this feature, however if you do decide to implement it anyways it shouldn't be limited by any factors at all since this will only push newer players away from the server.


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