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Title: This week's SovietHonourAwards goes to Ryanpoolehph
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I'm starting something new, called the SovietHonourAwards. In which each week I find one person to write about. Any person at all. I write nice things about them, and good experiences I've had with them. People in the comments can also write additional things about that person. They have to be positive though, as I'm trying to honour good Servermen and Women through this outlet. This is the First Edition, where our first person will be Ryanpoolehph. There will also be monthly Awards, where the Honoured person will receive a free game. Big Grin
Because this is the first Week, this will be the only week honoured to get a free game!!!!

First, I want to start off by mentioning that Ryan was my Supervising Administrator. (Still is, technically) 
He was really helpful in Orienting me to ULX, and how the Administration worked overall.

Ryan is awesome and outgoing, with a positive attitude towards others.

He has a certain Respect from me that no one else has gained, and I'm sure many other people feel the same way.

If Awesomeness was a person, Ryan would be him.

Never has he been unjust or too light. 

He works hard as a Trainer for TrialModerators, and keeps on taking new pupils to teach his wisdom.

And now a poem;

"Soviets are Red
'mericans are blue
Rasputin is great
And Ryan is too"

5 words I'd use to describe him

And now some words from some other Servermen: 

"Ryan is extremely active on the server and has been a huge help in training the new testmods"
- Our Master and Overlord  [C3] Goigle

"To put it simply, He's a great guy, who cares for the server deeply, and has dedicated a lot of time for the server."
- Blaze

"We got a suspect headin'- Bear give me your car, Bear give me you- OMAR YOU F*CKING COMMUNIST, I SAID F*CKING GIVE ME YOUR CAR!"
 -A quote from a kind exchange between Ryanpoolehph and Communist Bear

Ryan's Meme
[Image: bb9b4c5d8c4ea577e55a0564139fb3875586e73f...ac2643.jpg]

RyanpoolehphMay4 SovietHonourAwards2017
Set up goes [NameMonthWeekoftheMonth SovietHonourAwardsYear]

(There will be no Monthly prize for May)

Congratulations Ryan! ;D 
Your Free Game is on its way!

Did we miss something nice about Ryan? If you have more POSITIVE things to say about Ryan, make sure to reply and share what good/funny experiences you've had with him.
Do you have someone you think should be honoured? Click the link to the Google Forms page to submit a name for consideration. 

-Yours Truly,
An AwardsPanel is on its way
(Want to be on the panel? PM SovietCandle to get your position.)
[Image: IKaNIjG.gif]
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What the hell did I just read?
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