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Title: Memorial Day
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Hey, guys, usually my posts are laid back and funny, but I want this one to be serious.
Now I'm not Technically American, and I've spent a portion of my life in New Zealand. I'm Currently in the U.S for a year or two and will be moving back to New Zealand soon.
I want to recognize the Soldiers whom have laid down their life for America and the World. Even as a Kiwi I see how much America has sacrificed to keep our world safe. 
Hundreds of Thousands of American Troops have died for their country and their beliefs, and I find that so honorable.
People's Husbands, Wives, Sisters, and Brothers have all perished in the Defense of the Free World. 
In my family line (Which extends into the US), about 4 of our members have died for America, and my family (Which is spread across the world), have all gathered to remember and mourn our Members. 
I'm so sorry for any other people whose loved ones have perished in war, and are gone forever. 
Please reply saying if you've lost Friends or Family, and share how you feel about it. You don't need to go into detail, just enough for that person to be recognized by the CodeThree Community. 

They defend you, they fight for you, they protect you, and most of all some lay down their lives for you, this is the United States Military.

Heart With love Heart 
not a Soviet for now, Candles

"War never changes"

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Your a great man.  Big Grin

When I become able to I'm going to try out for the marines. And even if I don't make them I'm going to go into the army. I want to help serve our country, anyway I can.
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