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Title: Uses for warehouse loot
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I'm sure something related to this is already planned but I'd certainly like some extra uses for the loot available for warehouses, so here's a few ideas:

Explosives: Would probably be able to do something like break open warehouse crates and just drop 4 bags on the ground, maybe also break open certain doors, such as the lobby gate in the bank. Would probably need to be processed at robber spawn.

Chemical Waste: I had a couple ideas for this one, such as more ammo for tranquilizers or being able to make drugs that give bonuses can be sold for more. Or maybe to clean up evidence, would need to be processed at robber spawn.

Metal Parts: Could probably be used to either A: get weapon mods/craft weapons, B: Armor plate cars and/or C: Make improvised armor

Glass: Idk, maybe tranq darts as well?

Electronics: Could probably be used to hack stuff (like drones) or get weaponized drones (cops could probably get the drones via the shop)

Money: I mean, it's money, maybe guaranteed $150 a bag? I know it works with evidence...
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I liked the metal parts B, C suggestion, and yes something is already planned
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Meh Like +support
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