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Title: Vehicle Locking
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This is probably a very unique desire of mine, nor do I know if the auto-lock on exit is even something you can manipulate, but I would like to see if there was an option you can add in the F1 settings menu (lot of potential there, you've certainly added that disable callout thing thannkssss) that would disable auto-lock on exit for yourself. So like you are driver, you unlock the car get in and drive, once you exit it auto locks. I dont always like that feature, as it can get tedious to switch to keys then switch back to your gun once you are leaving a scene. I suppose that extra timing (although probably negligible) gives cops slightly more time to catch the person, but idk. I'd like to know if it was possible
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Possible & Approved
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You mean robbers will be able to steal cars again? YES!!!! Car traps deployed!
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