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Title: Attachments save on respawn (and after being knocked out)
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Hi all,

I wanted to make a separate thread on this for visibility.

Attachments now save when you die so you no longer have to use a preset (or manually do it) and then reload as your gun will have all your attachments and be fully loaded.

Additionally, the bug where your attachments would all disappear after being knocked out from a taser or a car has been fixed as well.

This is making way for a revival update in the near future Wink
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Can you make them save after disconnect?
[Image: v1.png]

Yeah but that's slightly more involved than saving while the player is still here. I might end up doing it but I wanna get the revival and deployable update out first
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Currently the attachment colors do not save, i.e. the "red" part of the red dot sight, laser color, etc.
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