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Title: Taking personal time
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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be taking some personal time from Steam. I won't be completely gone and I might pop in the server still but I will not be doing anything major. It will be a week or two at least, possibly more (but not likely).

I've disabled my PMs on the forums and likely will not be responding to Steam messages. This does not mean development is stopped during this time: coding is my passion and it helps me relax (when retarded bugs aren't happening) so I will likely do some work on the gamemode.

If anything major happens, contact @Sourlemon, @Brock, @26', or @iFr0st. They should know what to do and if they don't they can contact me very quickly.
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Don’t contact @“Sourlemon” he’s taking personal time toO
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Easiest way to reach me is on snapchat, my snapchat username is "resetbtn" I am often busy so if I am on steam don't expect a reply for at least a day. Snapchat I usually respond immediately or within half an hour.
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