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Title: Stuck in jail cell
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Issue encountered:  i was in jail able to put my mask on and take weapons out and when the time was up i was stuck in the jail cell.

How to reproduce: Get arressted and then while in the jail cell get killed and when you respawn you can take out your mask and weapons but you cant get out
8 months to go

Looking into it
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]

Has this been fixed yet or...?
8 months to go

sorry for the delay, I believe so. we have switched to new maps and configured the server more since 2018. I don't believe I or the other admins on the server have encountered this issue since you reported it.
[Image: sGSI3XC.png]

Lmao, I was kidding. I just decided to check out the forums and noticed that after all this time it wasn't locked so I thought it would be funny to reply. It was nice to see some familiar names again Smile
8 months to go
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That's funny, yeah I don't know why I didn't close the thread. Oh well!
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