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Title: Frost Resigns
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After joining CodeThree during its first few weeks when it came out Jan 2016 I never thought I would be a Staff Member. I applied for staff as a joke with the encouragement of Bubbanator (Mod Forever) & JTheMutantGummyWorm (Retired) anticipating that I won’t be accepted and now three years later I went through all the ranks (Owner and Community Resources doesn’t count Tongue ). A lot has changed throughout the years and I'm grateful I've met many wonderful and annoying people during my time.

As graduation is coming up in a few days and new goals I sure wish to accomplish. I feel it’s time to start checking off my bucket list before I realize I'm too old. Trust me, going from age 16 - 22 will pass by in a snap. Lastly, I won't ever forget the videos and funny memes I've made and shared within this community. I’ll be around here and there, but I must make sure my life is “perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”

Happy Summer, Aloha & Mahalo! (Bye, and Thank You)
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  Bust3r, Gamer Alex (AlexKVideos1), Goigle, Quindle
Sad to see you go but thanks for all your time man
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keep in touch please i love you
[Image: w7LUVd3.png]

bye. we will miss u.
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"the unsung hero of code 3" - Goigle 2017

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Sad to see you got Frost, I don't know you that much, nor have seen you on that much. But i'm pretty sure i've seen you on during the Rockford days. Again, sad to see you go. Best of wishes!
[Image: PyzAiGO.png]

Ever since I knew you were considering it, I always never thought about it too much, I didn’t want to. I know it’s for your own reasons, and I want you to be happy, but I will still miss one of the most level headed, chill staff members ever. Over about a year you are and have been one of my closest friends in C3, and there is NO ONE that can ever replace you. Thank you for being a good friend and advocate for my small self in and out of C3. You’ve supported and spent so much time developing TEC and making the exams with me; and there’s no absolute way I can thank you enough. Frost will remain in TEC, because he’s just that nice, and will contribute further to C3 even in his retirement. 
Between music and videogames, I’ve bonded with Frost so much. We’d always skype and compose music or work on projects together outside of C3. 
I’m really sad that you’re going, and I wish you would’nt. However I understand that you want to have a happy and “balanced” (hehe) life, and have time to focus on your future.
You’ve contributed so much to C3, and been such an influential figure to me and many others.

Also thanks for leavin me with a team of nincompoops that call themselves admins  Tongue

I shall always and forever be, your friend 

Live Long and Prosper, Shan

Heart QUINN Heart

Sorry for the long message, but you’re such a dandy guy 
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luv u tho

*MadHatter will remember this*
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