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Title: Report
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Accused Player's Name: Leonerlandshosier601
Accused Player's SteamID: ???
Rule(s) Broken: Porn/Gore Spray
Evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/id/maxamillion/screenshots/
it is the first picture you see

I would be willing to accept this, however the one issue that I currently see is that there are two names listed as who sprayed, meaning that there are two sprays there and therefore I cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused player is the one who sprayed. If you are able to prove your claim beyond a reasonable doubt, I will gladly accept this report, however, up to this, I will leave for myself and other staff members to discuss.

- Fyre
C3 Administrator

Approved, I did some investigating and found that Leonerland's is the one below it. shoshier601 has been banned for 2 weeks


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