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Title: The Spawn Update
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Hi all

Robber spawns on Union City have been overhauled.

Robbers will now spawn in the subways under the map. There are shops in each station as well as a vehicle spawner near all but one subway station (the one right by the KOTH location).

Because of this, the spawn killing rule will no longer apply to robbers. Robbers cannot be killed the second they spawn because they'd have to put a mask on so this should not be an issue.
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]
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So as long as they have a mask on it's fair game?

if you can kill them it's fair game
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]
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if u kill robbers in the subways u legally have to jump in front of a train
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I got a question, i didnt quite get the Cop spawn thing ... so is it the same like with the robbers now? like when you can kill the cops from outside the policestation and you are outside then its fine?

Police spawn is only in the hallway, it's not the entire station. There's a ticker sign marking where cop spawn starts
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]
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10-4 thanks


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