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Title: NYC 2019
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So this past week I was in New York City. While there I met up with former staff member iFrost and we did some photography together. It's something I never would've dreamed of happening in many years. Frost and I have known each other since my start of Code Three and have always wanted the chance to meet up in person.  I am planning on going back to New York in summer of 2020 and hope to meet more of you guys in the future!
[Image: image0.jpg]

Top of Empire State Building

Little Italy Sign

White Rose on 9/11 Memorial

Street Signage
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  Dan, iFr0st, Sh!t Shot
thats cool stuff
[Image: sGSI3XC.png]
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still havent met me even though we live 45 minutes away Confusedhrug:
[Image: w7LUVd3.png]
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Quit beating inmates and we can go shooting.

did you go to hudson yards? place is dope af
[Image: qYu5Ti6.png]
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I did

(12-16-2019, 03:33 AM)wreckemsaints Wrote: Quit beating inmates and we can go shooting.
Count me in Cock Sucker.   I know a really good range in Waco we can meet at that also has a bbq attached.
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Fucker never hit me up
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