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Title: Player Customization Menu Overhauled
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Hi all,

I have released an update to the donor customization menu. This is part of my work to refactor much of the gamemode's old code to make the codebase easier to develop on.

[Image: 20200330151316_1.jpg]

Additionally, police now have higher quality default models. Most of those models with gas masks can have gas masks removed so do not be alarmed by how many gas mask icons you see there.

Next Update

The next update I am working on is removing the defibrillator. Revive will then be able to be done by anyone by holding E on their teammate. Additionally, revives will be limited somewhere between 15 to 30 seconds so people can't just wait for a teammate to take minutes to come save them.
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]
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  Quindle, wreckemsaints
Jussssst a thought... what if the gas mask could be functional and we get tear gas...

(03-31-2020, 01:15 AM)wreckemsaints Wrote: Jussssst a thought... what if the gas mask could be functional and we get tear gas...

I'd be open to it, but it'd have to be through a different system. Donor only tear gas is P2W
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]
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that would be cool
[Image: sGSI3XC.png]

FINALY! Thank you... i always wanted somnething like that...
-The German

Gott zur Ehr, dem Nächsten zur Wehr

As far as the gas mask and tear gas go, if you could add it, the mechanic could be like robbers putting on their mask. Instead of putting on a mask, as a cop, G, would equip your gas mask. For fairness you could have it reduce vision or maybe reduce firing to hip fire only. Idk just some ideas but it sounds cool.
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Tear gas for Cops would be too OP for them, Tear gas for both would be too OP for robbers, bc they can just put it into bank entrance and camp it like always... and donor would be, like goigle said, Pay 2 win...

-the menu is cool but Tear gas is no goodie
-The German

Gott zur Ehr, dem Nächsten zur Wehr

i orgasmed to thisss <3
[Image: IKaNIjG.gif]

(04-05-2020, 07:58 PM)Quindle Wrote: i orgasmed to thisss <3
lol. I should be able to hop on more after this week
[Image: sGSI3XC.png]


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