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Title: Ban appeal
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Steam Name:Tayk
Your Ban ID:idk
Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:99480997
Reason for ban:idk it just says appeal im pretty sure it was because i was trolling on the server
Who banned you: doesent say a name
Why you should be unbanned: i was bored and  just fucking around i actually like playing the server and chilling and having fun so i feel that i should not be still banned ive been banned for a few months i think i learned my lesson

I banned you, back on 4/6/2020 it was back on Rockford, you realy were trolling around not listening, you were banned for a day, tried to join 2h earlyer on 4/7/2020 apperently with a 2nd account and got perma banned on your main account for trying to bypass an existing ban.
-The German

Gott zur Ehr, dem Nächsten zur Wehr

Yeah, you were autobanned for trying to evade with a family shared account
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]

Yep! I was there both times the bans took effect, first time you had your ban it was for 2 days, you then used an alt account to bypass it and me and maexx noticed someone was permabanned so we looked at it was your alt.  Had you waited about 2 more hours at the time you’d be fine. Not much we can do about it now.

(06-18-2020, 08:54 PM)Goigle Wrote: Yeah, you were autobanned for trying to evade with a family shared account
i had 2 hours left idk i was just bored like u unbanned a cheater dont see why if ive been banned for 2months now and i had 2 hours left like i just want to play the server.yea i tried to evade but i just came to ask you to forgive me because i like the server u know

My question is why are you just now appealing it? You literally let so much time go by and did nothing in the meantime to make things better for your situation. You were staff at one point too, you were banned for things that anyone who’s been staff should know to avoid.

Shooting in sit, Not cooping were reasons for original ban. 

I unbanned RXSM cause he's played the game for a while and he was caught instantly so he didn't cause any problems.

Since it's an auto perma, I will reduce the ban. Please do not join with an alt to avoid bans again however.
[Image: LoZh6h0.jpg]


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